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So what if you like different music

Me:I love MCR
Friend:ewwwww that's gross
Me:*at friends funeral* I have no shame
This Is what happens:
Me:I love MCR
Friend:ewwww that gross
Friend:... you're not going to kill me?
me:No, you're entitled to like your own music and so am I. As long as you never insult them to me then honestly be happy with what you like
Friend:...oh....I like One direction
Me:*smiles* I don't like them, but awesome Zayn's hot
Friend:*smiles* I love them all
It FUCKING ANNOYS ME when I see posts of people hating on other music. Ok if you hate it you can express your opinion but WHY would you have a WHOLE blog to insult a band or even worse just a band member. I hate some music but come on that is just not right. Sure go ahead and post things about them but honestly a WHOLE blog. Then you want to go to other people who like the bands and insult them...just STFU. Please, learn to love people for who they are and what they like because they should not change for you
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I’m sorry, I had to. No. No i’m not. I’m not sorry 

I’m sorry, I had to. No. No i’m not. I’m not sorry 

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